Rent To Own Programs For Business Owners

Sep 17, 2019

September 18, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - Gwinnett County, Georgia based Fresh Start Home Sales is proud to inform the Business Owners of their community that they may avail themselves of the company’s Rent To Own services. All interested parties are invited to get in touch with the company and learn more about their Rent to Own programs.

According to Fitz Thompson of Fresh Start Home Sales, many Business Owners face undue difficulty when they try to purchase new homes. Reaching out to those who may be experiencing such difficulties, he says, “Attention, Business Owners. Are you having trouble getting a mortgage to buy a beautiful forever home in a fantastic area? Call us now and get the expert help you need to move forward.” As he says, the company is dedicated to locating and purchasing amazing homes in and around Gwinnett County and other Northern and North Western Suburbs of Atlanta. Fresh Start Home Sales then invests in these homes to renovate them and make them more attractive to prospective new homeowners.

Crucially, Thompson says, these homes are then offered to a specific group of customers: those who would benefit most from a Rent-To-Own system. “We target and serve this part of our community because, all too often,” he asserts, “they are denied help through more conventional means over pointless issues. While we could expand and offer our services to a much wider base of customers, we strongly believe that we do the most good where we are. Through us, people, particularly Business Owners, who would otherwise not be able to own a home are now able to move in and finance their forever homes in a manner that is far easier for them to keep up with.”

He continues, “The banks may telling you that, even though you have a good income and have maintained a decent credit, they still consider that you practically show no income due to all the legal (legally permissible) deductions you took for your business to lower your tax obligation. If so, they probably followed that statement by informing you that you are ineligible to receive a mortgage.” Thompson states that he and Fresh Start Home Sales find this situation unacceptable. Their desire to help Business Owners in this unfortunate position is one of the driving motivations behind the services they offer.

“We have the perfect solution,” he says. “Our new program is perfect for you if you’re in the market for a new home but have trouble proving your income or don’t quite have the credit score that banks are looking for. Our requirements are far more forgiving, and far more understanding of your needs. Lease to own a beautiful home in a fantastic neighborhood for up to 3-5 years, a period which you can put to great use restructuring your business income and improving your personal credit.” Learn more here: Lease Option Homes.

Thompson further assures prospective customers that they need not worry about the condition of the homes offered by the company. He says that Fresh Start Home Sales understands that everyone wants to live in beautiful homes and safe, attractive neighborhoods, so this is the type of residence that the company primarily seeks out. “You’re not simply making do when you purchase a home through us,” affirms Thompson. “We guarantee (are sure) that you will find something that calls to your heart in our catalogue, a home you can be proud of as your family matures under its roof. Our services have more to do with intelligently allowing you to get your finances in order for the home you desire and deserve, rather than whatever is easiest to obtain at the moment.”

He further advises customers to, “During the time you are leasing save money for a strong down payment, then go out and get a brand new mortgage and buy the house you are already leasing and loving in a neighborhood you are proud to call home. It’s that easy. You deserve to live in a beautiful home in a great (fantastic) area—where you can start creating lifelong memories and host family celebrations, neighborhood gatherings, and holiday festivities.”

Those who wish to learn more about the company’s Rent To Own Homes program may contact Fitz Thompson of Fresh Start Home Sales to make further inquiries. They may also contact the company by phone, or visit their website to read further.


For more information about Fresh Start Home Sales, contact the company here:

Fresh Start Home Sales
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