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How to keep your smartened-up home safe from hackers

Dec 28, 2017

As people get voice-activated speakers and online security cameras, are they also giving hackers a key to their homes

Winds of worry: US fishermen fear forests of power turbines

Dec 26, 2017

Fishermen along the Eastern Seaboard are turning a wary eye toward an emerging upstart: the offshore wind industry

Study: Distance restrictions on orcas haven't hurt tourism

Dec 25, 2017

A study by a federal agency has found that restrictions limiting boats from getting too close to endangered southern resident killer whales have not harmed the whale-watching industry

Electric bike crackdown spurs delivery worker concern

Dec 25, 2017

A plan to intensify a crackdown on electric bicycles is causing concern among the city's largely immigrant delivery workforce

Edward Snowden unveils phone app, Haven, to spy on spies

Dec 23, 2017

Edward Snowden, former National Security Agency contractor who exposed US government surveillance programs by disclosing classified material in 2013, has a new job: app developer

Suit: Apple slowed iPhones, forcing owners to buy new ones

Dec 23, 2017

Apple iPhone owners are suing the tech giant for alleged consumer fraud for not disclosing sooner it issued software updates that deliberately slowed older-model phones so aging batteries lasted longer

Huff Post backs Miss America story, will release more emails

Dec 23, 2017

A Huffington Post writer whose story on email communication among top leaders of the Miss America Organization led to the group's CEO being suspended is affirming the accuracy of the story

Snowy owls wintering in US fitted with tiny tracking devices

Dec 22, 2017

Snowy owls wintering in parts of the U.S. and Canada may head back to the Arctic next spring wearing tiny transmitters that track their movements

Got a toy that can spy? Here's how to know and what to do

Dec 21, 2017

The toys your kids unwrap this Christmas could invite hackers into your home

High-speed internet to bring big change in remote Alaska

Dec 21, 2017

The days of snail-speed internet connections are numbered for several far-flung communities in Alaska

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