Bradley IL Chiropractor Holistic Health & Wellness Holiday Service Announced

Dr Lori Foster of Foster Chiropractic has announced that her expert team can provide high quality holistic healthcare for anyone throughout the holiday season. Chiropractic treatments are great for general health and wellbeing as well as treating pain.

Bradley, United States - November 20, 2018 /NewsNetwork/ —

Dr Lori Foster, a specialist chiropractor in Bradley, Illinois, has announced that she can provide local patients with high quality chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage, facials and nutritional guidance this holiday season. Holistic healthcare like this can be enjoyed through the year and is well known for its benefits, but can also make a good gift for Christmas or New Years.

For more information please visit the website here:

The site explains that chiropractic care can offer relief from pain for some, but for other patients it’s simply about feeling and looking good. After a stressful time through the holiday season, it can even be a great way to unwind or relax.

Foster Chiropractic has a highly trained, specialist team of experts on hand to help with any issue or holistic healthcare service for local Bradley residents.

The team includes Julie Hill, Dee Dee Hurst, and Katie Cherry, a trio of massage therapists, Brianna Mesenbring, a nutrition and lifestyle coach, Gretchen Demarah, who works with facials, Richard Popp, who specializes in craniosacral services, and Dr Scott Varley, a Chinese medicine specialist.

Dr Lori Foster explains that anyone wanting to get in touch to arrange a treatment, either for themselves or a loved one, can schedule an appointment by calling the office at (815) 932-7800.

A member of the team will then get back in touch to schedule a session. Anyone dealing with chronic pain or health issues is encouraged to get in touch quickly because the majority of problems like this only worsen without appropriate care.

One of the primary goals of effective chiropractic care is to restore and optimize human health. This is significantly different to traditional medical approaches used by doctors, because practitioners take a holistic approach which includes identifying the cause and treating it, rather than focusing on symptoms.

Chiropractic care has a range of benefits, including spinal and extremity pain relief, headache relief, increased mobility and range of motion, and more.

Those wishing to find out more about Foster Chiropractic can visit the website on the link provided above.

Contact Info:
Name: Dr. Lori Foster DC
Organization: Foster Chiropractic
Address: 215 East North Street, Bradley, IL 60915, United States
Phone: +1-815-932-7800

For more information, please visit

Source: NewsNetwork

Release ID: 447242

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