Cell Biology

Coroner: Inmate autopsy showed no sign of physical trauma

Feb 24, 2017

A coroner says the autopsy of an inmate found dead in his New Orleans cell revealed signs consistent with a drug- or medication-related death

Inmate's rape conviction overturned days after he's killed

Feb 17, 2017

A Maryland man's rape conviction has been overturned four days after he was found beaten to death in a state prison cell

4 days after inmate's slaying, his rape conviction is tossed

Feb 16, 2017

A Maryland appeals court has reversed a man's rape conviction four days after he was found beaten to death in a state prison cell

Scientists take first steps to growing human organs in pigs

Jan 26, 2017

Scientists have grown human cells inside pig embryos, a very early step toward the goal of growing livers and other human organs in animals to transplant into people

Don't cut the cord too fast; a pause benefits most newborns

Dec 21, 2016

New advice says don't cut that umbilical cord too soon: A brief pause after birth could benefit most newborns by delivering them a surge of oxygen-rich blood

Federal civil rights lawsuit filed in Florida inmate's death

Sep 20, 2016

Florida prison officials tried to cover up the death of an ill inmate who was gassed at least three times in a confinement cell as he screamed for help, a federal civil rights lawsuit filed on behalf of the man's 12-year-old daughter alleges

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