Study: More sharks bite people in Hawaii, but risk minuscule

Mar 3, 2019

The rate of shark bites in Hawaii has been increasing slightly in recent years, but the risk remains extremely low _ roughly 5-in-1 million _ according to new research

Ohio zoo collects polar bear poop to aid species' survival

Mar 2, 2019

An Ohio zoo has become the repository for the world's largest collection of polar bear poop as researchers work to create a pregnancy test to aid the survival of this threatened species

Rare sea creature washes ashore in Southern California

Mar 1, 2019

A 7-foot sea creature that washed ashore in Southern California has been identified as a hoodwinker sunfish, a recently identified rare species thought to live in the Southern Hemisphere

Neptune's newest, tiniest moon likely piece of bigger one

Feb 20, 2019

Neptune's newest and tiniest moon is probably a piece of a larger one nearby

Year in space put US astronaut's disease defenses on alert

Feb 15, 2019

Scientists find that astronaut who spent nearly a year in space had his immune system go on high alert

Love on the rocks: Penguins celebrating Valentine's Day

Feb 13, 2019

In what has become an annual Valentine's Day tradition, biologists handed out red felt hearts to African penguins at a San Francisco aquarium

PBS' 'Finding Your Roots' looks into political leaders' past

Feb 11, 2019

Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates, Jr., says he hopes this season of the PBS series 'Finding Your Roots' helps a divided U.S. see how all Americans have unique family mysteries

Dog DNA testing takes off, and generates debate

Feb 11, 2019

DNA testing for dogs has surged in recent years, with over a million dogs tested in little over a decade. DNA testing for dogs has surged in recent years, with more than 1 million dogs tested in little over a decade

Desert attraction temporarily closes after 4 dolphin deaths

Feb 8, 2019

Dolphinaris Arizona says it will close temporarily as a panel of experts investigates potential factors in the death of four dolphins

Fish pass mirror test, but does it mean they're self-aware?

Feb 7, 2019

Scientists report that a fish appears to recognize itself in a mirror _ and that raises a key question for experts in animal mental prowess

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